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Frequently Asked Questions


How can i get in touch with you

Please if you are interested in talking to us, feel free to contact us as we shall respond to you as soon as possible

Can I come as a tourist and get involved in your activities?

Yes, we have started Shines Sustainable Project “One Love Tours and Safaris” where 50% of the proceeds will directly go to  Shines Projects, so if you and your friends wish to have a vacation or a tour consider coming to Uganda, because when you come you will be contributing to our organizational activities.

Touring with a mission, visiting Uganda with One Love tours and Safari, makes it a good experience where you not only  Tour the most beautiful attraction features in Masindi but gives a chance to do community tourism, see how the people leave. And if you are a donor, this will help you to meet the children, or projects that impact your support.

How best can I support?

  1. Through donation of funds to our programs or sponsoring a child. We also welcome volunteers to come out and experience and give a hand in some of our activities.
  2. You can also support through being a board member of the charity in the UK.
  3. You can be our Prayer partner, ambassador, or our fundraiser.

How will I see the impact of my donation?

One of our Values at SCF is “Transparency”, we shall always give periodic updates to every person who donates to any program and show the impact made, also we shall always display the impacts on our social media platforms on our website

What other programs do you offer apart from Education and Health care support to the orphans and vulnerable children?

SCF provides safe drinking water by drilling boreholes,  Water Sanitation, and Hygiene activities,  community livelihood Programs, campaigning for the rights of children, and Vocational Triaging to the Youth.

Is Shines Children's Foundation a Christian Organization?

Yes, SCF is a Christian Based Organisation, we believe God is the ultimate source of happiness and our hope in Him alone, we refer to the Bible in all our Projects, but we are not discriminate in service delivery!!

How did you start?

SCF started in 2013 by Kiirya Denis with a humble start in Masindi District as a community-based Organisation and in 2014 it was registered as a Non-Governmental Organisation with Registration number s.5914/11335. A not for profit charity which provides Education support, Health care to orphans and Vulnerable Children for sustainable development.

How effective have you been?

In our approach we have been able to restore the broken hearts by giving hope to orphans and vulnerable children, especially  reaching out to the abandoned children by extending education and health care support for a sustainable Development

How do you spend the money?

The Organisation uses 85%  the raised funds to the projects, 10% on the administration and 5% on fundraising

Can I sponsor a child?

Yes, you can sponsor a child in our care centers, with a monthly donation of £ 50, You are in position to take the child to school and cater for his/her medical bills, please donate now.

Who funds Shines Children's Foundation?

SCF gets its fund from a local person (founder) however we are currently being funded by kind Christians from the UK, We, therefore, seek donations from any kind person(s) for better hope giving.

How different are you from other charities?

We holistically address the needs of the parents/ Care Givers to approach the challenges affecting children so that they can in the long run provide for their children.