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Who are We?

Shines Children’s Foundation (SCF) is an indigenous, nonpartisan, non for profit Non-Governmental Organization established in 2013 and fully registered with the national NGO Bureau of Uganda in 2014 with registration No.1521 and file number MIA/NB/2014/07/1230.



The organization aims at promoting and protecting the rights of children for sustainable development. The organization has been a positive force towards a behavioral change of communities by directly influencing and involving young people in education and other development efforts; our program areas include; Child protection, nutrition, orphans and vulnerable children care (OVC), Health, and economic strengthening.

Our affiliates

The Netherlands

Shines Children’s Foundation is registered in the Netherlands as Public Benefit Organization (PBO) PSIN 826155753 to support its operations in Uganda.


United Kingdom

Shines children’s Foundation is affiliated with shines children (Uganda) UK supporters, A UK registered charity supporting the work of shines children’s foundation in Uganda.

Our Value

Our mission

Shines Children’s Foundation (SCF) exists to create a society where families and communities are socially and economically empowered to observe and protect the rights of children and provide them access to education, health care, and shelter for sustainable development

Our vision

Shines Children’s Foundation (SCF) envisages a society where children have equal access to their rights and opportunities to reach their full potential.


To contribute to the improvement of living Conditions of key affected populations (Deprived people) such as Orphans, street children, and young mothers.

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History About Us

SCF started in 2013 by Kiirya Denis with a humble start in Masindi District as a community-based Organisation and in 2014 it was registered as a Non-Governmental Organisation with Registration number s.5914/11335.

A not for profit charity which provides Education support, Health care to orphans and Vulnerable Children for sustainable development

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The legal definition of a charitable organization varies between countries and in some instances regions of the country.


Donate to support the living conditions of a child


Donate to support the living conditions of a child


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