Shines Children’s Foundation (SCF) Is a Not for-Profit, Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) which is fully registered with the National (NGO) board of Uganda with registration number s.5914/11335. The Organization was formed to contribute to the improvement of living Conditions of key affected populations (Deprived people) such as Orphans, street children, young mothers and Teenagers in Masindi District.

Since 2013 at its inception, the organization has been a positive force to about 500 people who have benefited in communities, especially Orphans and vulnerable Children (10-24 years, by directly influencing and involving them.

The organization focus on creating access to education for needy children, training the young mothers and unschooled youth through economic empowerement and vocational skills, as well as improving of health of the whole community through providing safe drinking water and by teaching children good personal hygiene practices, peer education and general health care.

The organization has also gained vast experience in working with communities in helping better food security and nutrition, gender-based violence, mitigating child labor, family reintegration, providing care and awareness about HIV/AIDS and running child rights campaigns.