Sponsorship Program

In Uganda many children drop out of school before finishing primary education. Out of the 91% of children who enroll in primary school, only 53% complete it. Poverty is the main cause of school dropouts, since parents/guardians survive on 1$ or 2$ per day. HIV/AIDS is yet another challenge which has left many children with just one or no parents to look after them, making these children’s life very difficult.

To keep orphans and underprivileged children studying till primary education completion, Shines Children Foundation runs a sponsorship program that provides support with health care, school fees and scholastic supplies, promoting quality education in the area. Shines Children Foundation identifies children within the poorer communities of Masindi, focusing on orphans and families in precarious conditions.

How it works

For as little as 1$ per day, you can cover all the school and health expenses of a child, giving him/her the opportunity of higher education, a better job and a more secure future.

When a child is paired up with a sponsor, a one-to-one relationship begins between the two, supported by regular letters and pictures that sponsor and the child can send to each other. The sponsor is also welcome to come to Uganda to meet the child and see first hand the life and the progress of the little one. The sponsored child will write a letter per term that is going to be sent via email with his/her school report and a recent photo. The sponsor is invited to write back to the child, free to ask questions, tell about himself/herself, send birthday wishes and pictures. All communications go through Shines staff, which will deliver the letters printed out on paper for the child to keep.

The annual cost for each child’s sponsorship is $360. With a monthly donation of $30, the following will be covered:

  1. School expenses
    • School fees
    • Feeding (breakfast and lunch during school days)
    • Scholastic materials
    • Uniforms
  2. Health care:
    • Medicines and most common sicknesses
    • Hospital and emergency fund
    • Annual medical checkup

A report of the program expenses and investments will be provided quarterly to every sponsor.

Be part of giving hope and make a difference in a child’s life by sponsoring a child.

Sponsorship a child today and help us provide a better future