Child and Human rights protection and campaign

Most of people we work with in the communities are grandmothers who face tremendous challenges because most of them are ignorant about their rights and they have been victims of injustices in many cases. This has led many to lose their lives, lose their children’s land not been able to take decision government support programs, and unable to access health services

Under this project, we look at informing their grannies about their rights which have been violated especially about accessing medical care, protecting their land from land grabbers.

We also campaign and promote children rights which are also violated and not reported and handled, many children’s rights are violated especially; forced labor, early marriages, child trafficking and corporal punishments, when these injustices are done to the children, in many cases they are not reported especially to young girls, so we help to   camping against them and help the victims to access justice.

More facilitates the promotion of rights of children in schools and communities through child Rights clubs. Our aim is to empower both the children and both teaching and non-teaching staff in partner schools to detect a case of child abuse, prevent it and respond to one when it occurs. Club activities are carried out once every week but the transfer of information and monitoring of behavioral change is an everyday activity especially in classes. The clubs through promotion of free of expression among children have created a platform for children to share issues and incidences occurring in their school which are directly related to club initiatives.